We look forward to welcoming you to our community of Cat Mimi friends. We are convinced that Mimi will be a valuable help in answering your everyday life questions and in creating suitable texts. To ensure that the usage of Cat Mimi as a service is equally valuable and safe for all participants, there are a few rules that need to be respected.

These rules are listed below and will ultimately help you and the community to have an enjoyable and smooth experience of Mimi (hereinafter referred to as a service).

Important information

  • In principle, the answers or text suggestions generated by the service can be used by the registered user without a license. This also includes content that the user has stored in favorites. Resale of the content in any form is prohibited.
  • The service can only be used by a natural person. Use by legal entities or using technical tools (such as scripts, bots, etc.) is prohibited in any form. The use of the service in any kind of group (e.g. account sharing) is also prohibited.
  • The service provides advice and/or offers text suggestions which can be be followed or used. In any case, interpretation or use, regardless of the form, is entirely at your own risk. The user is aware that the answers and information were generated by a synthetic system. This system does not know the full extent of the context in which a question is asked.
  • The prices currently listed apply to the use of the extended service. The service can be purchased as a monthly, quarterly or on the basis of an annual subscription. The conditions continue to apply as described in the service under the Store section.
  • The service may not be decompiled or used in any form other than as expressly intended by the manufacturer and owner.
  • Criminal, indecent, offensive or similar requests to the service are strictly prohibited. The user is aware that corresponding consequences may result.

By using the service Cat Mimi from NABOOH, you have read, understood and fully accepted the user agreement. You further understand that these terms and conditions are binding in all cases, even if these statements are subject to change.

If you do not agree to the terms of use, you are prohibited from using this service. As a result, you have to remove this service from your devices. Thanks for your cooperation.

end of document